04 March 2012

Third Chunk of Fitt XXXV

This, again, is a rough draft. Still, putting lines up in this state helps to boost my spirit by showing some forward movement. With any luck, you'll like what I have, too.

This takes us from lines 2534 to 2549. When I reach the end of the Fitt (line 2601), it will be a substantial milestone. I will have finished almost exactly 80% of the translation.

Beowulf continues his address to his men and spots a steaming, deadly stream emerging from the entrance to the tomb. He realizes that he cannot survive if he enters. The dragon's heat and poisonous breath would overcome him.
He knew the terror would take all his strength
and prove his worth. "I must go bravely 2535
"and gain the gold, or give up to war--
"from vicious wounds--your very lord."

The strong one stood, steadied by his shield,
hard under helmet, hauberk in place,
under cliffs of stone; staking all on the power 2540
of a man alone, not like a coward.

He saw by the wall then, the worthy lord,
who emerged alive from many battles,
clashes of arms, when armies collided,
that a stone arch was standing. A stream emerged 2545
that broke from the barrow. The brook's current
had deadly heat. The hoard beyond it
he could never near, not for an instant,
nor endure the deeps for the dragon's flame. 2549

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