11 October 2012

A Milestone Worth Mentioning

At this moment, the number of page views that this site has received is 10,003. Ten thousand views is a very large number to me, especially considering the narrow focus of this site. Not only that, but the number of visitors over just the last thirty days is almost 2,000. Several days have had over a hundred visitors a day.

I am surprised and gratified by the steady increase in the number of visitors. I'd like to thank all of you for your interest. If any of you are repeat visitors or even regular visitors, an especial "thank you" goes out to you.

Certain posts receive more attention than others. The star draws over the life of this blog, defined as the posts that get about 200 page views or more, are

  1. Second half of Fitt XXXVI: Beowulf gets bitten (732 page views)
  2. Smaug and the Hobbit Movie (322 page views)
  3. Eowyn's Lament (572 page views)
  4. Beowulf's Attitude to Crises, in Youth and Age (206 page views)
  5. XXV. Hrothgar's Sermon (196 page views)
  6. XXIII. Beowulf Finds Grendel's Mother (507 page views)
  7. The Beowulf Rap (454 page views)
  8. Sutton Hoo, Beowulf, and History (392 page views)
  9. Beowulf On-Line (522 page views)
As it turns out, this is also a special day for my other blog. It is just a hair away from receiving its 3,000th visit (2,983 right now) and has had over 1,000 visitors in just the last month. Given that it is a younger blog, I find these numbers equally impressive.

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